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As a top 50 public research institution, we have an unrelenting drive to discover and to create. Our faculty, staff and students are exploring ideas that will reimagine the human experience and tackle the problems of tomorrow.

At the heart of it all is the VCU Office of Research and Innovation, where you can seek out the unexpected, the experimental, the never-been-tried.

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Quick facts

  • One of 3.7% of universities designated as R1
  • One of five R1 universities in Virginia
  • $460M+ in sponsored research funding in FY2023

Undergraduate research

We help get your research off the ground. Find a project, get research funding, connect with faculty mentors and more through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

The 3D printable ink everyone was looking for

Biology major Andy Shar discovered an ink that conducts electricity, which will allow scientists to make wearable devices and eSkin technologies.

Andy Shar, left, and Daeha Joung, Ph.D., center, inspect the flexible 3D printing ink Andy has developed that conducts electricity

A great research subject: Fellow Rams

Psychology major Vanessa Olazabal explored links among Latine students’ ethnic-racial identity, relationships, the pandemic and how alcohol use and anxiety were affected.

Vanessa Olazabal (left), with mentor Chelsea Williams, Ph.D. (right), presents her findings research at a conference in Salt Lake City

A monster story comes to life

With support from a research fund for undergraduates, communication arts major Sethe Howell created 10 original monster illustrations for a horror novel she co-created.

Communication arts major Sethe Howell (right) and professor Christopher Irving (left) stand in front of a screen displaying a monster illustrations from Howell's horror novel

Building a better tiny scaffold

Engineering major Caleb Wells is testing miniscule polymer scaffolds that will lead to better biodegradable implants in the human body.

Caleb Wells (right) works in the lab of Joao Silva Soares, Ph.D. (right), to develop miniscule scaffolds that will lead to better biodegradable implants in the human body


  • 300+ student presentations at the 2023 undergraduate research symposium

Graduate and postdoctoral research

As a graduate student or postdoc at VCU, you'll have the chance to dive into research that matters to you, working side by side with faculty experts when you need guidance.

Where the research magic happens

From engineering clean rooms to observation rooms to acres of wetlands, VCU faculty and students have access to the most advanced research facilities.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We believe students have the power to turn ideas into solutions that make the world a better place. 

  • VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation. This hub of creativity harnesses the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration to produce the next generation of innovators and creators, and it’s committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurial and technical ecosystems.
  • VCU Entrepreneurship Academy. Underrepresented students and local entrepreneurs learn and work together, earning micro-credentials in innovation and entrepreneurship along the way.
  • Shift Retail Lab at VCU. One of the first of its kind, this storefront lets students and alumni test their products, services and ideas with real-world customers.
  • Workshop at Cabell. Need specialty software, an audio recording studio, 3D printers, or a sewing machine? Visit the Workshop makerspace at Cabell Library and get help from its innovative media team.  
  • TechTransfer and Ventures. Bring your idea to market with the help of licensing professionals and business developers who know the landscape.

Quick facts

  • A Top 20 most innovative public university per U.S. News & World Report
  • 165 patents filed by by VCU TechTransfer and Ventures in FY2023